Simplifying Connections Between Students, Clubs, and Employers.

Changing how you experience university by increasing access to relevant opportunities and strengthening community across your university! 

Connect with fellow students (and employers!) across 18 universities through relevant communities like Artificial Intelligence and Consulting

Level-up your University Experience

Never miss a thing again! Always stay in the looop

Learn how Propel helps all it's stakeholders

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For Students

We're helping students find their dream jobs by helping them stay connected with relevant opportunities through events, communities and the clubs they're a part of! 

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For student clubs

We're helping student clubs by putting their names on the map! We're giving them the tools to keep their members engaged and connect with organizations looking to provide support for their activities.

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For employers

We're helping employers by providing a platform to conduct and execute their early talent hiring as efficiently as possible by providing access to niche communities of talent!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We hear these questions all the time... so don't worry you're not the first one to wonder

Is it free for students and student clubs?

Yea, always. 😌

How are you different from Linkedin?

Damn, you got us there! Never thought about that one. 😪 Just kidding, Propel makes campus recruitment a lot more efficient for employers than LinkedIn, hence they're able to provide more opportunities to students. This means Propel contains more relevant opportunities, content and allows students to stay connected with what's happening on campus and across Canada! (The world eventually)

How do you make money?

Students. You are valued! You are loved. Employers pay for efficient access to provide you meaningful opportunities! 

Why did you create Propel?

To help students really discover what they want to do in life by providing visibility and increasing access to unique events and opportunities hosted by student clubs and employers!